About me
I am an Arkansas native and die hard Razorback fan. I grew up in Jessieville, AR where I played all of the sports available (including bowling). I decided to go the UCA in 2005 on an academic scholarship and joined the digital film program with aspirations of becoming a member of College Football Gameday on ESPN. I decided I would rather be on the field as a coach so I switched majors to Kinesiology emphasizing Physical Education. Little did I know that I would become an advocate of Physical Education. I graduated in the winter of '09 and began  substituting with PCSSD and Conway School District. Two months before the end of the previous school year I began teaching at Cloverdale Middle School which opened the door for this amazing opportunity to teach at Roberts Elementary. I also recieved the opportunity to coach football at McClellan High where I was promoted to Defensive Coordinator within my first month in a half. It has been an interesting journey to this point. Overall, I am very excited to work in this wonderful facility with students who are eager to learn.
Hobbies Include:
Disc Golf, Taking my dog to the park with my wife, Watching Movies, Watching all sports that involve the Razorbacks, cooking, playing chess, coaching anything.
Class Schedule:  Monday      Tuesday        Wednesday      Thurs.         Friday

8 am                      Broker       Broker               Broker             Broker           Broker

9 am                     Lindsey          Berryhill                                Bingman      Cline
10 am                  Dees                                           Griffith                       Freiermuth

11 am

12 am                                                                       Snow            Glover        Shelton    

1 pm                        Hendrix      Stevenson    Cunningham    Kelly            Diffey

2 pm                        Plan/              Plan/             Plan/              Plan/            Plan/   
                                 conference      Conference     Conference  Conference  Conf.
3 pm

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